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Dtiring the reign of Venkatapatiraya at Candragiri, owing:
to the absence of efficient administration, much courV^ion
prevailed in Pottapi-^tfrZz/, and this village was deserted. The
Brahmans also abandoned if. The village had passt-d sh;ce
into the li^nds of Matin Ellarna Devaeoda Maliaraja, as
Venkatapatiraya granted to him Pulugula-iztf'/M as his amaram.
Having recruited troops EUamaraja was engaged in wars with
the palaigars and others in the neighbourhood of Piddliavaram,
Porumaniilla, Baddevoln and Ud^yagiri on behalf / f tl:e Ray a.

JCaiJiyat */ ttsimmfattes L. K> 17, pp. 132-33.

This village was enjoyed as an ayraliUra by Kii?idS]3a
Appalacarya until !§. S. 1520 Vilanibi. Then the village fell
into ruin as it was deserted by the people who tied to other
places unable to endure the thieving activities of the pulaigars.
The Kandalla family was not able to restore its prosperity, by
inducing the people to settle therein. The village of Tuvva-
gtmtapalle then passed into the hands of Peinmasani Timma
Nayadu of Grandikota who treated it as a part of hi? own estate.
The Kandalla family which had migrated to Awuku by this
time, gave up all hopes of recovering the village, as an unnatu-
ral change had come over the conduct of the kings.

JTttiJtyai of TtKvzgvnixp&llt : L. £. 20, pp. 348-49.

This sima was devastated, as mentioned already, by the
Muhammadans. Venkatapatideva Maharaya, the king of
Penugonda, (with the object of restoring the prosperity)
leased the land to the farmers, the terms of which were
inscribed on both the sides of a stone : —
This stone inscription has been set up on Tuesday,
Marga€ira, STL 10, of the year Plava* by Timmaima, the
• &S. !S23=:Tiie5. Dec, 8, A.D. 1601.